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    Restore the balance of vital energy in your garage with our quick guide to Feng Shui

    Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art which balances the energy levels in your home.  And we thought, why couldn’t this be used in the garage?  It may even result in a better time on your bike or a lower golf handicap.   So here’s our top tips to get your garage bursting with positive energy.

    1.       Declutter.  We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, just get rid of all your unwanted junk.  It might be a time consuming process but it will help you establish what is worth keeping and what can be freecycled, given to charity or sent to the tip.  Remember you must be brave and you must be honest otherwise it’s a pointless task.


    2.       Give your garage an airing.  Sounds a bit mad right?  But actually letting good quality air and light into your garage is essential for good feng shui energy.  If you can’t leave your door open why not think about an air purifying plant, we’ve found a little list of some good options.

    3.       Paint the walls in a colour that pleases you or panel it with some of our TekPanel (now available in different colours as part of our Ultimate Range) to keep you happy when you are inside.  Or put up pictures of things you love and that make you happy.

    4.       Add wall storage such as cabinets where you can store items and close the doors on.  Also using specialist tool storage racks will keep items all together and out of the way, ensuring they are safe from little hands.

    _MG_2938 - Copy

    5.       Fix your squeaky or broken garage door.  See our recent blog on how easy this is to do.

    6.       Check the safety in your garage such as electrics and lighting, ensuring there are no cables to trip over.

    7.       And finally.  Always park your car with the headlights facing away from the house.  The reason behind this a car is man-made and if this points to your house it can create bad energy, certainly something to avoid.

    So there you have it – positive energy all the way for your garage and hopefully it might just rub off on other aspects of your life too.  Happy feng shuiing!

    Don’t give thieves a helping hand

    Keeping our home safe is the number one priority for most families.  However, although most people secure their homes, garages can be less of a priority.

    With most garages packed full of expensive gardening equipment, tools, sports equipment and bikes, it proves a popular target for thieves.  Don’t overlook your garage’s security.  Read our top tips below to keep your garage safe from thieves.

    • It sounds silly, but lock any doors leading into the garage and especially those from your garage to your house
    • Make life difficult for a thief by using good quality locks and alarms
    • Install some security lights around your garage doors
    • Chain expensive equipment together or make it too heavy to take away
    • Keep an inventory of everything you store in your garage including serial numbers and photos of the most expensive items
    • Use prickly plants on your boundaries to act as a deterrent
    • Try security marking your property for easy to carry off items such as bikes

    Don’t make it easy for thieves and becomes another statistic.

    Take care to avoid trips, slips and falls

    Falls are a leading cause of injury in the home. So next time you are in your garage, look around for potential hazards which may cause trips or falls and read our four safety tips below to minimise any accidents.

    1. Remove all objects from stairs, steps, landings and floors.

    2. Tuck electrical cords into appliances, where possible, or around external prongs. But always ensure they do not cross walkways.

    3. Attach and secure bannisters or hand-rails on both sides.

    4. Keep the floor clean and clean up grease, water or other spills as soon as they happen.

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