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    Don’t give thieves a helping hand

    Keeping our home safe is the number one priority for most families.  However, although most people secure their homes, garages can be less of a priority.

    With most garages packed full of expensive gardening equipment, tools, sports equipment and bikes, it proves a popular target for thieves.  Don’t overlook your garage’s security.  Read our top tips below to keep your garage safe from thieves.

    • It sounds silly, but lock any doors leading into the garage and especially those from your garage to your house
    • Make life difficult for a thief by using good quality locks and alarms
    • Install some security lights around your garage doors
    • Chain expensive equipment together or make it too heavy to take away
    • Keep an inventory of everything you store in your garage including serial numbers and photos of the most expensive items
    • Use prickly plants on your boundaries to act as a deterrent
    • Try security marking your property for easy to carry off items such as bikes

    Don’t make it easy for thieves and becomes another statistic.