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    Protect your family from fire and burns in the garage

    With most of us storing some kind of flammable liquid in our garages, we wanted to share our thoughts on minimising the chances of a fire breaking out.

    Here are our top tips for keeping your garage a safe place to be:

    1. If you do have to store petrol in your garage, keep it tightly sealed and out of reach of children.
    2. You shouldn’t store petrol in a garage that contains an appliance with a pilot light.
    3. Be careful not to overload plug sockets or extension cords and make sure all your wiring and cords are free from damage.
    4. If you have any chemicals stored in your garage, keep them in a secure cabinet out of reach.  Something like our cabinets are a good choice.
    5. Have a fire extinguisher to hand in the garage and train all adults on how to use it.
    6. If you have any appliances in your garage, keep them clean and clear of build up residue to stop the chances of it catching fire.

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