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    Umm, can you pass the torch?

    Poor lighting in your garage can not only cause problems finding what you need, it can also be dangerous if you have any steps or obstacles.  And if you use your garage for DIY projects or tinkering with cars or bikes, then it is a good idea to think whether what you have is fit for purpose.

    The two main lighting types to consider are overall lighting and focused lighting.

    By overall lighting, we mean the main lighting to the whole garage which comes in the form of overhead fluorescent lights.   Focused lighting benefits those who need to work in particular areas of the garage and items such as portable work lamps, head lamps, floor lamps and inspection lamps are all good choices here.

    We have a few top tips when thinking about your garage lighting and remember as part of a Garageflex installation, we can clad your ceiling to incorporate any lighting, making it a brighter and safer place to be.

    Garageflex’s Top Tips:

    1.  Light your garage and any stairs well.

    2.  Use the maximum safe wattage in light fixtures, this can usually be found inside the light fitting.

    3.  Avoid using naked bulbs and shield any bulbs used near work areas to reduce the risk of breakage and fire.

    4.  Consider what you use your garage for, general lighting may suffice or you may need more focused points of light for working on projects.

    5.  Consider having your ceiling clad or painted white, this can make a surprising amount of difference as the light bounces off it rather than absorbing it.

    Any questions, we would love to hear from you, info@garageflex.co.uk or 01491 579975.